Skin Protectant
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    A simple touch can be dangerous. Bacteria and germs live on your hands, on door knobs, in the office and in the home. Introducing Dr. Withrow™ Skin Protectant, an amazing new antibacterial hand cream that protects so perfectly it's like wearing a liquid glove.


Product details

 Dr. Withrow™ Skin Protectant is available in two convenient sizes 2 fl. oz. pocket size or the 8 fl. oz. pump dispenser.

Dr. Withrow™ Skin Protectant turns hands silky smooth instantly. We guarantee that this is the best hand cream ever. Nothing penetrates Dr. Withrow™ Skin Protectant! Stains just wash away! Don't try this at home, but in our amazing laboratory demonstration, even hydrochloric acid can't penetrate the barrier. There's never been anything like it! Dr. Withrow™ Skin Protectant locks in natural moisture and locks out caustic irritants so your hands stay soft up to 4 hours. During flu and allergy season, Dr. Withrow™ Skin Protectant is an outstanding defense against bacteria and viruses. Medically developed and clinically tested, it provides antibacterial protection from all the nasty germs you encounter. Are you sensitive to poison ivy and chemicals? Dr. Withrow™ Skin Protectant will let you work in your garden without fear of exposure. Up till now, nothing could help mechanics from grease stains. Now your hands will be protected, clean and smooth.
Uniquely-formulated lanolin free, moisturizing cream for hands and body Skin Protectant has been dermatologically tested and has proven its ability in protecting from harsh elements. With moisturizing and banner protection it's not just for Medical Professionals and Infectious Materials Handlers. Ideal for Postal Workers, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Police, Firemen, Chemists, Veterinarians, Baggage Handler, Cashiers, Bank Tellers, Couriers, Painters, Landscapers, Mechanics, Sanitation Workers, even after manicure and pedicure or before hair coloring. Hair Stylists, Painters, Cultivator's, Seafood Handlers, Cooks, Dry Cleaner, Shoe Repair, Farmers, and other Professionals who are constantly in contact with dangerous substances. This friendly Skin Protectant allows skin to breathe normally as it nourishes and protects skin for 4 hours or more without re-applying, even after repeated washings. Protects like an invisible glove against paint, tar, hair color, resins, shoe polish, powders, grease, oils, odors, caustic grime, adhesives, ink and harsh soaps. It's waterproof and hypoallergenic contains soothing Aloe Vera Gel and Propylene Glycol.

* Dermatologically tested
* Does not contain alcohol
* Protects skin from harsh elements
* Outstanding defense against bacteria and viruses
* Moisturizing & barrier protection, nourishes & safeguards the skin

Clean and dry hands or skin area to be protected. Apply Skin Protectant covering all area well leave untouched for 2-3 minutes to allow skin absorption.

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