Skin Protectant Pump Dispenser
Dr. Withrow

    Uniquely-formulated lanolin free, moisturizing cream for hands and body Skin Protectant has been dermatologically tested and has proven its ability in protecting from harsh elements.


Product details

Skin Protectant Pump Dispenser contains 8oz of a stainless cream.

With moisturizing and banner protection it's not just for Medical Professionals and Infectious Materials Handlers. Ideal for Postal Workers, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Police, Firemen, Chemists, Veterinarians, Baggage Handler, Cashiers, Bank Tellers, Couriers, Painters, Landscapers, Mechanics, Sanitation Workers, even after manicure and pedicure or before hair coloring. Hair Stylists, Painters, Cultivator's, Seafood Handlers, Cooks, Dry Cleaner, Shoe Repair, Farmers, and other Professionals who are constantly in contact with dangerous substances.

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